Sunday, April 19, 2009

Craig Baldwin at Zeitgeist

Craig Baldwin is practically as institutional as feature-length experimental media gets - and I mean that in a good, no, great way. I best know his film Sonic Outlaws, which documents the lawsuit that the band U2 brought against the intrepid sound artists Negativland. The film solidly goes through the ins and outs of fair use, first amendment freedom of expression, and intellectual property issues while entertaining us with Negativland's, and his own, creative processes. I'm also a fan of ¡O No Coronado!, a revisionist docu-drama of sorts of Spanish invasion of Mexico. Craig is alive in person tonight at Zeitgeist, with his new film Mock Up on Mu, about Scientology! Film buffs should also check out OtherCinema's website as well, a venue established by Baldwin. Wikipedia has it that he studied with Bruce Connor...

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